The Hereditary Commandery of Sighartstein

is an independent and hereditary jurisdiction of 

The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem  . 

In the history and tradition of the Order of Saint Lazarus, Hereditary Commanderies have always taken a special position which is also shown by the special rank given to a Hereditary Commander in the protocols of the Order. 

The office of Hereditary Commander is a lifetime office and can only be inherited by a descendant to the Hereditary Commander.

Compared to the number of national jurisdictions Hereditary Commanderies only form a small group within the Orders structures also as membership is mainly reserved for family members and a few selected non family members only. 

Hereditary Commanderies are directly responsible to the Grand Master only. 


The Hereditary Commandery of Sighartstein was established by the 47th Prince Grand Master

H.H. Don Francisco Enrique de Borbón y de Borbón

4th Duke of Seville and Grandee of Spain